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Divine Timing Watches


Divine Timing Watches

We are a Faith Based Brand looking to apply our faith in Yah and love of watches to help encourage growth.

The mission of Divine Timing is to help each person realize our lives operate in Divine Timing With Our Creator. Each of our quality minimalistic timepieces will be a reminder that your faith is what will help you move forward. We look to provide affordable and stylish watches that can be worn on any occasion.

Our belief is that Everything Works In Divine Timing and our watches will be a daily reminder of that.

We encourage faith, value family and look to express the genuine love that Yah shows us.

Why Choose Us

Over the years we each have trials that either help build our faith or diminish it, all depending on how we choose to view the situations. This brand is meant to serve as a daily reminder of who we belong to and where our blessings come from. If we keep these things in mind, we cant help but to live each day like it is the blessing it is.