The Rebuilding Phase

The Rebuilding Phase

When you hear the word “rebuilding” you often associate it with a house, or maybe you’re a sports fan and you’ve heard this term used when the sports announcer speaks on your favorite team. Hearing this often means there’s going to be some time before the big win is expected to happen. Maybe that team needs to draft some young talent to help start the franchise over. Or your real estate needs some time and money put into it in order to raise the value to not only your standards, but the standards of the people who may potentially buy it. Either way rebuilding often means time is needed.

For us I can say this year has definitely been one of rebuilding. Acquaintances from years of life ended up being released due to situations that showed we weren’t aligned and moving towards the same goals. Jobs that were draining and never looked to refill the people positively but rather taking all the good leaving the body feeling empty. Even began to release the idea of making the perfect moves to provide a level of protection over family in a way that wasn’t available to us growing up. 

Here in August, we can definitely say this was all orchestrated beyond our capabilities. The Most High definitely played his hand this year in life and we allowed ourselves to walk in faith not knowing the outcome, but trusting it was all for the better. We’ve created new watches paired with another company, shout out to Embleu, and have had others reach out looking to collaborate as well. More recently we’ve started to see new offers in life for advancement and have seen our interactions/webpage visits really skyrocket!

Who would have known all you needed to do was embrace the idea of rebuilding!? Sometimes it’s a long journey and other times it’s as simple as letting go of the things in life that occupy too much space in order to welcome in all the amazing things meant for you in the beginning! We pray you continue to push forward knowing that #EverythingWorksInDivineTiming ⏳

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