What’s Love?

What’s Love?

What’s Love?

Is it the feeling you get when you just purchased that new whip, driving it off the lot recognizing how far you’ve come?

Maybe the feeling you get when you meet that person that speaks to your soul in a way you never knew mattered?

For sure its the feeling a parent feels holding their child in their arms for the first time, you’d say that right?

We believe its all of those things along with more and you deserve to feel them. Allow yourself the grace in your mistakes. Speak life, peace and abundance over yourself each day because you’re worthy of it. All your life experiences to this point were to build you for this time in life. 

From here the love of your life in all areas of life can be yours, you just have to keep going. Know your turn for all the happiness Yah has for you is on its way in Divine Timing.



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