Creating Peace in our life.

Creating Peace in our life.

Over the years of life we run into situations that may alter our outlook for sometime. Relationships, situations or simply just ourselves. We grow to become survivors in life, allowing our will to succeed and not die to be the great motivating force behind us becoming all we needed. Some of us fight our way out of this constant fight quickly, while others take a lifetime fighting with all thats in them to become everything someone said we couldn't be. The greatest thing we can ever do is become at peace with our past situations.

As we go through life we have to learn to accept the moments for what they are without any expectation of our own. The hardships are a part of the journey that building you into exactly what you need to be to impact the world around you. When we learn to let go of these negative emotions, after expressing it properly, we can enter back into the place of peace we were created to operate out of.

Yah created us to serve a purpose but in order for each of us to reach that space, to complete our work here, we have to go through those growing periods. Be sure to take the time to understand what you're feeling in that moment. Allow those things to help teach you the lesson. Be present in the moment, experience and understand what’s being conveyed in this current test so you don't have to revisit this lesson again in life. Let us take our time to hear from Yah in whatever way He is speaking. Listen to the instruction given over and allow those affirmations to grow you to fulfill your purpose. 

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