Pure Intentions

Pure Intentions

Have you ever reached out to help another person knowing what you were giving was definitely not going to be given back to you any time soon or at all? Be it money, a jacket or even just your time?

We've be there before and in all of those situations, sometimes giving of ourselves knowing that what was given will more than likely never be returned, but this never made giving an issue. For us and our collective experiences in life, being a broke college student, an individual working several jobs looking forward to finally having free time or just not having a vast selection of clothing and knowing what was there would probably be all we'd have for some time.

Not being wealthy in a monetary sense never stopped us from being wealthy in the spirit. Being raised to understand that you lack of nothing when your Father is the Elohim of all allowed for our actions to show just that. Once college graduation was in the past and making money was a little easier, helping people who were in a tight position was the only thing to do! especially for someone who once lived wondering how to make the next meal happen at times. No matter how much was given at any period of time it was never expected back simply because the intention behind the gift was to see them be blessed.

At all times we should look to do everything as though we are doing it for Yah, and in all our ways we should look to acknowledge Him. Think about those words as you walk daily. Every day you wake is a blessing and you should always look for a way to bless someone else in the same manner that you have been blessed. Remember that with anything you do for another person, let it be done simply to be a blessing, never because of what you can receive in return.


"Blessed are the clean in heart, because they shall see Elohim." Matthew 5:8.


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