Year of fulfillment

Year of fulfillment

When was the last time you stepped out on faith with something you felt you were led to do? Not a half hearted effort, like really decided this was your move and it had to be made regardless of what was going on in your life?

Sometimes we have caused stagnation in our own lives at times out of fear. Fear of moving to that city cause it was far from home. Fear of starting that business because we didn’t believe we would have the support. Or even the fear of applying for that job because we didn’t feel qualified or the right complexion to make it pass the interview, if we got the interview.

A lot of time in our lives we have all of the knowledge, the skill and the blessings to achieve these things but we hold ourselves back. Let’s use this second half of 2022 to begin changing those habits! 

Let this be the year you begin working on self love. The more you nurture yourself, the better the imagine will begin to appear. Soon you’ll walk into rooms and that confidence will speak for you, your abilities will be well recognized and your name will not only open doors for you but for those with you as well.

Whatever your goals may be, take this year to begin to define them and walk in them. If an opportunity comes, even if you don’t feel ready, push through! Your business not being shared yet? Keep putting out content! People say you don’t fit the description for the job? Apply for it! Let this be the year you begin to walk in faith knowing that Everything Works In Divine Timing ⏳

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