Seeking His face

Seeking His face

Plenty of times we've all been at a cross-roads where a major decision had to be made. Accepting a new job, moving to a new city or state, deciding if the person you were interested in is the right one for you to continue forward with. All of our major decisions can bring massive amounts of anxiety, stress, and uncertainty; but one thing we can say for sure is that our faith and knowing how to find the correct path to follow has been something thats allowed peace to come into the room while building clarity over whatever that decision may be. That peace is brought in by seeking the Father's face in the form of fasting.

When fasting is used as the tool to find what it is you are looking to do, you are able to show Yah that you are dedicated to hearing what He has to say. Your personal words, thoughts and opinions of all matters slowly become void and the direction necessary to take seemingly shows clear as to what you should do. Fasting is a great spiritual "exercise" to build your spirit to a stronger point, and will also allow you to tell in a definite fashion what Yah's voice sounds like versus your own.

As we become adults and begin going through our own problems, situations and circumstances it becomes easy to get into your own head and become stressed about major/minor situations that you are facing in life at that very moment. Fasting can not only help you see clearly what to do for this current moment but even show you the steps necessary to go the next 10 steps.

This is why taking the time to block out all things to focus in on our Father is something we must each practice in our lives. Learn to die to self in order to increase His spirit in you.  Always remember to place Yah at the forefront of every decision you look to make, knowing that as you allow Him to lead and cultivate your life you will live a life full of peace and joy because you will know that no situation you face will be something that will destroy you, only set you up to receive greater in His name.

"But Seek first His kingdom, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you." - Matthew 6:33 

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