Healing, The Long Process To a Sound Mind

Healing, The Long Process To a Sound Mind

Over the past year I’ve noticed myself on social media scrolling pass posts really quickly that I would once take the time to read over. Any time I saw a picture of someone I knew, where it looked to be capturing that person in their most happiest moments I would automatically assume the post was going to say “R.I.P.” I became so used to seeing someone young, full of life and with the world ahead of them dying from acts of violence. Sometimes from proximity and others from so many police killings that took place and are still taking place all over the country. 

About a month ago I began to realize how anxious I would feel each time I saw a picture of someone I knew personally. How quickly I would scroll by trying not to read the caption out of fear that is was another one gone, lost too soon.  This began to build until I just stopped opening the app for some time, feeling it was better to be completely unaware than to know for certain another friend or young person I knew lost their lives. 

I began dealing with this issues through prayer and meditation. Learning to release the idea that I needed to be better to save them all or even if I’d done more in my younger years I’d have a better platform to assist and move people out of those negative situations. While doing so I remembered what made me start this company in the first place, it was Faith. Faith that I was on the right path the entire time and that everything was working as it should no matter the pace.

Divine Timing isn’t just a nice saying or a dope way to sell a watch, but a firm idea that this place is the right place and now is the right time. I am utilizing my gifts in this moment to provide encouragement for another person to keep going and growing. I pray you all continue to find the strength in you to make the next move, take the next step on faith and do the work in your spirit. In a time where everything is uncertain we all need people like yourself to be great. Keep working in faith knowing that Everything Works In Divine Timing⏳.


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I absolutely relate to the feeling of anxiousness and dread when it comes to scrolling on social media at times. Tbh, it’s one of the main reasons I refuse to log into my Facebook account .
I think that many of us underestimate the trauma that comes from being black in a country of colonizers and oppressors. We are constantly being exposed to graphic images of death day in and day out. Whether it is unjust or a “die by the sword” moment, those images have you in a constant state of alertness. As you mentioned, all we can do is live in the moment and embrace it for everything it has to offer. Living in the past causes depression while living in the future can make us anxious. Now is truly the time of divinity in all things, regardless of what that now looks like.


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