Guarding Your Spirit

Guarding Your Spirit

A few days ago there was a feeling of immense happiness, almost as if words couldn't describe the level of joy that was felt. So great to the point that it became a need to reach out to others to share that level of joy that was inside. Then one particular night, after nothing major happening, an immense heavy-heated sense swept in leaving a sad and unresting feeling wondering why the level of support given out wasn't being reciprocated. How are all the people who can come in times of need, knowing they'll receive the help/support acting as if providing that in return was some form of robbery? 

At that lowest point of this moment it hit and reassurance come in that nothing ever done for another is ever meant for anything in return. Our help comes from on high and His level of joy, happiness and support will always outweigh anything anyone around could ever do. He'll even cause whomever He wants to step in and bless any and all things that you have going on.

So as the bible opened and the reading of scripture began, it allowed reassurance to to come in and create an atmosphere necessary for a good nights rest to take place. This could only happen from reading and knowing that everything is as it should be and Yah will meet us as we walk in faith while providing the actions necessary to be blessed. 

Always remember to keep Him at the forefront of all your thoughts and ways and He will direct your path!

"Blessed be the Elohim and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Compassion and Elohim of all comfort."-2 Corinthians 1:3

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