Forgiveness That Leads to Freedom

Forgiveness That Leads to Freedom

We've all come across hardships in life, the type of situations that cause us to either knowingly or inadvertently build anger in our hearts for another individual. The situation may have come from a family member or even a close friend that we shared much of our lives with. The situation seems to come from out of no where, but the magnitude of the hurt becomes something that you hold onto for a very long time. This hurt begins to fester and cause distrust for anyone currently in your life and all others who may enter. We have all been faced with these situations and have allowed pain to be what motivates us to move forward, fighting everyday to hide the pain and show a smile, so no one around can detect what we now view as a weakness. 

One thing we can say for sure is although that pain can help push you to accomplish many things in life, once you have accumulated those things there is a great feeling of emptiness. What should allow you to feel as though you've proved them wrong or won the battle because you've accomplished more than they have, you still have that pain to deal with and that pain has done nothing but grow stronger and become louder during the times that you aren't keeping yourself busy. Bad news about that pain is until you truly learn to give it over to God The Father you will continuously fight a battle where victory slowly seems to be unattainable.

One incredible ability we have all been giving is the power to let go. Let go of whatever hurt, anger or frustration we have festering inside of us from our past. We are able to go before God in prayer and lay down those burdens, but only in a earnest manner are we able to truly give away that pain and never pick it back up again. When we allow The Father to provide rest we are able to truly free ourselves of our past transgressions and even those transgressions against us. We can go to those who have harmed us and say with all honesty that we forgive them and allow our lives to truly begin from that day forward.

Soon after, the life once thought to be unattainable with peace and prosperity will begin to unfold. You'll be able to find joy in everything, even a day of rain will be a cause for praise because you truly understand how blessed you are to feel free. Free from anger, depression, anxiety, fear or any other negative emotion and begin to welcome in the greatest peace you've experienced in life. Start today, find something small that may cause frustration and meditate on it. Uncover the root of the emotion and begin forgiving whomever it may be that caused the issue. As you begin to practice this you will find the days become lighter, joy is easily attainable and blessings will be uncovered in a multitude of areas in you life. Be blessed and remember that everything works in #DivineTiming. 

"And be ye kind one to another. tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you." - Ephesians 4:32

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