Finding A Way Through The Pain

Finding A Way Through The Pain

Recently at the year anniversary of the passing of a close family member a weird fog rolled over every part of life. Nothing could bring out the smile that once shined and although life was relatively great, the joy just didn't reside like it usually does. On days where the inspiration to write and be creative would usually be over flowing, all that seemed to come about was  a sense of numbness. With this being the first person close in life to ever pass away, this was a brand new space to navigate through. How does one come out of such a funk, should you try to make yourself come out of it or should you take the time to go through all the phases of whatever this downtrend was?

This new found norm in life seemed to stick so well that it was no longer questioned. The feelings of being an ecstatic and joyous person were gone only to be replaced by a new feeling of mundane, passionless days where existing was enough. Little did I know a major shift was on the way in the form of a phone call that would catch me by surprise. A simple call that would help bring Yah's presence back in full. 

My brother called one evening on his way home and asked if I'd pray for him as he drove, he to me he had a very uneasy feeling and wanted someone to be aware and to intercede on his behalf. As I begin to pray for him, that very same uneasy feeling begin to roll over me making it hard to speak and at that very moment my brother took over and began to pray for me and thats when the shift began to take place. I began to feel that fog that once sat so heavily dissipate and freedom to feel like myself begin to come back. 

After the prayer was over he let me know the uneasy feeling he had been having had left and he felt so much better. I knew then that his phone call wasn't for himself but Yah prompting him to reach out for me. This is why having a spiritually aware group is key in life. There are going to be times where you need someone to step in and pray for you and in those moments the circle of warriors perfectly placed in your life will be able to stand strong in your in ways you weren't able to at that time.

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." -Proverbs 27:17

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