Enduring Through Hardships

Enduring Through Hardships

There are times in life where your faith is going to be tested. These are the times you get to show Yah and even show yourself just who you are, if you truly believe and even sprout that seed of faith into something that can produce fruit. We are currently in a time where we are all being tested in a great way. Both physically, spiritually and emotionally. To add on, the media is constantly spinning stories of death and scarcity due to this virus and the halting of wages for many people, but through all of this Yah is still Yah! He is still a provider, a protector and a way maker.

The best way to make it through such times as now is to take a moment each day to dig into scripture and pray. Build that connection with the one who created all. Allow His peace to be yours and His wisdom to lead you as you walk through this valley. No one knows what’s in store but what we do know for sure is that our Father will provide for them that believe and do His work.

Please try not to panic but awaken a deeper level of faith that will help you move through the end of one season and the beginning of a new one, which actually happens to be spring and that signifies a new time of growth and life for each of us! Allow the signs of the Father to lead you as you walk and not the prompts of the world around us.

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." Psalms 46.1

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