Are You Losing Out or Making Room?

Are You Losing Out or Making Room?

Life is a grand experience of collecting things and learning to let them go. Whatever it may be that we eventually have to let go may come with its own level of difficulty. At times its easy like saying goodbye to an old car because you just got a new one and other times its harder like saying goodbye to a loved one for the last time. No matter what it is we have to learn to release in whatever way to allow space and room to grow into something new. For me lately this has been the idea of friends and friendship itself.

Growing up with a parent in the military, we would only live in a particular space for a few years then it was goodbye everyone. That helped with learning to let go of people and friends but eventually caused a disconnect in creating meaningful adult friendships. The idea of "people come and people go" had kept me from actually caring enough to allow people in to get to know me. As I learned this about myself I began to search within in order to figure out what about me needed to change in order to begin creating meaningful friendships with people. After actively working on this for years I learned there wasn't a person or thing I needed to let go, rather that meant letting go of the idea of needing no one in order to ok in life.

Letting go doesn't have to always have such a negative connotation to it. Sometimes the things we need to let go in the moment are emotional, mental or physical holds that block us from reaching our true potential. Where ever we put our focus we will begin to move, so let us each begin to work within ourselves to let go of whatever it may be holding us back from creating and living in our blessings, all the while knowing that All Things Work In Divine Timing.

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