Alex Hall (Customer Appreciation)

Alex Hall (Customer Appreciation)

Everyone meet our first of many customer appreciation guest. Alex Hall is an HBCU graduate who majored in Accounting and eventually found himself a job that placed him in an incredible area to begin his future. Since settling in his current location he has created his own business "School of Swish" and with this business he provides personal training, team training, skills classes, clinics and film breakdown for the game of basketball. He is currently in pursuit of changing his career to coaching full time. His most recent accomplishment was helping coach the Covenant Classical School to the state championship placing second, with hopes of returning to win it all next year!

Alex's School of Swish helps to teach the fundamentals of the game, while improving on their skill as well as the players IQ. We think its evident with his recent successes on the court he knows a little about the game of basketball.

When asked what lead him to purchasing a watch and what Diving Timing meant to him he this to say "I couldn't image where I am now 10 years ago. I had different goals, different plans." He later told us "I would never take a short cut in life because you'll miss out on the lessons laid out for you to learn. He may not be there when you want him but he's always there on time and thats Divine Timing to me." We are grateful to have someone like Alex supporting us and this is to let you know we support you in all you do as well! May next year be a championship season and all in Divine Timing. 

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